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Tarif Vin Russo pour Houten 2011.

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Date d'inscription : 04/04/2011
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MessageSujet: Tarif Vin Russo pour Houten 2011. Mer 6 Juil - 11:22

Bonjour à tous,

Voici les tarifs de Vin Russo pour la bourse de Houten le 10 octobre 2011 (Snake Day) ou il sera présent.

Je vous laisse faire la traduction pour ceux qui seraient intéressé.

Locality Boas
Tarahumara Mt Boas - 1000 euro pair
Tamaulipas Mexico Boas - 750 euro pair
Cancun Mexico Boas - 750 euro pair
Corn Island Boas - 1000 euro pair
Costa Rican Boas (san Isidro) - 400 euro pair
Crawl Cay Boas - 1500 euro pair
Super Hypo Sonora - 1000 euro pair
Caulkers Cay - 500 euro pair
Boa c. longicauda ( Anerythristic ) - 1000 euro pair
Boa c. longicauda - 600 euro pair
Hypo Nicaraguan - 400 euro pair
Super Hypo Nicaraguan - 800 euro pair
Type 1 Anerythristic Nicaraguan - 300 euro rach
Ghost Nicaraguans ( Type 1 Anery ) - 500 euro each
Type 2 Anerythristic Nics (Black Beauties) - 600 euro each
Hog Island - 500 euro pair
Panamanian Mainland Boas - 300 euro pair
Hypo Panamanian Mainland - 500 euro pair
North Brazilian Boa c. constrictor - 800 euro pair
Belem Brazil Boa c. constrictor - 1000 euro pair
Pucallpa Peru Boa c. constrictor - 1000 euro pair
Guyana Boa c. constrictor - 600 euro pair
Pearl Island Boas Boa c. sabogae - 1000 euro pair

Morph Boas
Super Hypo Orangetail (Gee line) - 500 euro each
Blood Boas - 1750 euro each
Albino Leopard - 6000 euro each
Leopard Boas Het Albino - 3000 euro each
Albino Boas Het Leopard - 3000 euro each
Normals double Het Albino AND Leopard - 3500 euro pair
Hypo Sonora Het Leopard - 1500 euro pair
Salmon Het Leopard - 1750euro each

Hognose Snakes ( Heterodon nasicus )
Albino Hognose ( From Red to Orange ) - 300 euros each
Het Axanthic - 750 euros Females
Axanthic Hognose - 1500 euros each
Snow Hognose - 5000 Euros Males only
Albino Het Axanthic - 1500 Euros each

Ball Pythons
Leucistics - 1500 euro each
Ultramel - 3500 euros each

A 25% non refundable deposit is required to hold all animals until Snake Day in Houten Holland October 10th, 2011. The balance will be due before or at the Snake Day event. I am only bringing reserved animals to this event. Deposits can only be used towards snakes from me. Balance can be paid in cash or credit card at The Event in Houten. Deposits will be accepted at time of Birth. Births will be announced on my website. No individual Pictures will be posted to choose from. However – there will be plenty of pictures of the Parents & past offspring of each Locality or morph on my website. All of my Boas & Pythons are well represented on my website. Also pictures of my localities boas can also be seen in my book “ The Complete Boa Constrictor”.
We accept VISA or MASTERCARD, we also accept Pay Pal & Wire Transfers. For all credit card deposits - You can contact me via email with your info. For all wire transfers - please email me for wiring instructions & swif Code.
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Tarif Vin Russo pour Houten 2011.

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